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Why we need Pre-Marital Health Checkup?

Premarital Health Screening includes a set of medical tests for checking medical compatibility between partners. It helps couple to identify their own and their partner’s health problems and take necessary precautions if required. You become aware about the current health status of your partner.

Nowadays, many couples are opting for such checkups before entering into a relationship. It is much more obvious today, the health aspect cannot be overlooked. And there is nothing wrong in checking biological history of your partner before getting into a lifelong commitment.


Pre-Marital Health Checkup – Way2Health Diagnostics


Benefits of Pre-Marital Health Screening

  • Health status for bride and groom
  • Infectious diseases
  • Genetic disorder
  • HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Disease
  • Blood Group Testing
  • Fertility Test
  • Screenings for chronic diseases
  • Thalassemia Tests


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