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Importance of Full Body Checkup

There are very few people who routinely visit doctor keeping their health as top priority, mostly we take a doctor’s appointment only when we are faced with a serious health condition and there is another section where people visit a doctor due to the treatment they are undergoing for a chronic illness.

The debate is: we plan to visit a doctor only when we are not well and when all the medications fail.

Nevertheless, the shift is taking place, slowly people are inclining towards regular health checkups.  Moreover, the multinational corporations are taking interest in their employees overall health, by introducing mandatory annual health checkup packages, even at the local level, various health screening camps are organized for creating health checkup awareness.

“Health is Wealth”, we cannot ignore our health by surviving on junk food and such other packed food, we should adopt a serious approach by including a wholesome meal thereby having a balanced diet. Otherwise we will have to depend on list of medications.

Maintaining good health is a lifetime habit, making healthy choices is a lifetime habit, if you want to stay away from any serious illness then you must start taking good care of your body. Visiting your doctor on regular basis is one of the things you should add in your checklist.

Full Body Checkup – Way2Health Diagnostics

Some of the tests for regular health check up – Based on the reports your doctor will suggest new tests.

General physical exam, Blood test, Haemogram, Lipid Profile, Liver function, Kidney function, Blood sugar, Chest X-Ray, ECG, Ultrasonography and Urine examination,

Regular health checkup all the following things are taken into consideration, such as, clinical history, family history of diseases, past medical history, lifestyle information, habits, normal body function information, physical examination.


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